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1   Link   Wikipedia EW
Wikipedia Electronic Warfare home page
2   Link   Dr.EW Johnny Heikell
Electronic Warfare Consulting and Training.
Dr.EW Johnny Heikell provides consulting and training in electronic warfare. The consultancy is unique in focusing on the susceptibility of helicopters and other low and slow flying aircraft to man-made threats. Also includes links pages tot he best unclassified web data and information sources on aircraft susceptibility and related fields.
3   Link   Wikipedia IO/IW
Information Operation and Information Warfare home page on Wikipedia
4   Link   Air Power Australia
The purpose of Air Power Australia is to contribute to the development of a modern integrated joint national force structure for its defence. Air Power Australia is a non-profit entity established with the primary aim of air power research and analysis. Air Power Australia is not affiliated with the Department of Defence, the Australian Defence Force or any other Commonwealth organisation.
5   Link   Federation of American Scientists Military Analysis Network
The Military Analysis Network offers information on U.S. and Foreign Weapon Systems, Munitions, and Weapons in Space.